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21 February 2011 @ 04:18 pm
Hello There!  
Hello there!  This is a community where you can join, and show off your plushies!  Just post to the community a picture of your latest dazzling plush, and just go with the flow.  You should tell us a few things first, but read the rules to see more of that.  RULES COMING SOON.  Have fun with it!

My newest plush:

It is an Umbreon, no doubt.
Length:  (Tip of Ear to Tip of Tail)  3' 8"  (3 ft. 8 in.)
Width: (From tip of ear to tip of ear) 2' (2 ft.)
Height: (From toe to tip of ear)  2' (2 ft.)
Sale: Not for sale.
Time: About 5 hrs. in all.
Materials:  About 2 yds by 3 yds of felt

Thanks for looking!